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Detroit Tamil community has strongly supported TNF’s charity events since 1978. It has hosted four national conventions of TNF. The first TNF event to be held in Michigan was the Third Annual General Body Meeting held at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, from July 1 to 3, 1978. Thirty-five families attended the meeting and two movies, “Nenjil oar Aalayam: and “Gayathri” were screened (remember, it was 1978 and watching Tamil move in America was a big deal!).

TNF’s 12th General Body Meeting was held at the Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti in 1987. Invited guests included Mr. P. Chidambaram and Mr. Arunachalam, both ministers in the Government of India.

In 2001, the Annual General Body Meeting was held jointly with the Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America from July 6 to 8 in Southfield, under the leadership of Mr. Ganesan Naidu and TNF President Mr. Gomes Ganapathy.

TNF’s 32nd National Convention was held during the Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-28), 2006, at the Ford Performance Auditorium in Dearborn under the leadership Dr. Athi Narayan, Mrs. Geetha Pradeep and TNF President Dr. P. Chockalingam.

In 2014, TNF Michigan Chapter, under the leadership of Dr. M. Subramanian and in partnership with Michigan Tamil Sangam adopted Namakkal District for the ABC Educational initiative and raised close to $50,000, a record to date for TNF’s chapter/regional events.

Chapter Youth Committee

Central Ohio Chapter pioneered the formation of the Chapter Youth Committee in TNF. Three High School students formed the Youth Committee in 2017 and started working earnestly in organizing Youth Convention during the 43rd Annual TNF Convention in Columbus.

They started the Youth Speical Occasion Registry in an effort to raise funds from kids Birthdays, Graduation Partys, Arengetram, etc. for their underprivileged counterparts back in Tamilnadu. This inspired the community kids to participate in TNF Internship and visit TNF Schools in India.

The Committee meets before each of the above Fund Raising events (Walkathon, Tennis & TT) and helps out in organizing these events. They are recognized for their volunteering every year during the Walkathon award ceremony.

For more info, please write to us – centralohio@tnfusa.org

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Anbalayam, in English, means loving home. Anbalayam, located in the rural town of Sirkali is the home for 55 special-needs children. There are more than 10 million special-needs children in India.  Read More

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TNF launched the ABC project in eight schools in Sivaganga district. The project has transformed the schools, and the students, for better, in many ways. Read More

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