College Prep Session

College Prep Session - 2018 Walkathon

Alongside the walking trail of the Glacier Ridge Metro parks during the 2018 TNF Walkathon, the younger participants of the Walkathon took a seat under the canopy of trees to listen to OSU Professor Dr. Raj Muthuswamy share his insights on the college application process. With the daunting task less than a year away for some of the students, the question-and-answer shed light on the path ahead. Kids from 7th to 11th grade learned about finding their majors, investing time in the right extracurriculars – including international volunteering efforts like TNF, and starting their essays at the right time. High school junior Miss. Anvitha Anand described the college prep session as “Very vibrant; it covered a lot of information. It was a good starting point for the future.”