Youth Special Occasion Project

Youth Special Occasion Project – June 2018 – This project was conceived and executed by the Youth Committee of the Central Ohio chapter.

Shortages of all basic materials, from pencils, erasers, pen to paper, prevent less fortunate students in India from receiving the best education available. The lack of adequate supplies is illustrated by students who participated in the TNF Internship, a program where American high school students intern at ABC Schools. Members of the internship have seen firsthand the severe shortage of supplies the students in TNF’s ABC School face and how that shortage is detrimental to the learning process. This issue is being addressed by the Youth Special Occasion Project.

The Youth Special Occasion Project allows the host of an event to donate a portion or all of the funds collected from that event. For example, someone could pledge their Birthday or Graduation Party and ask the party attendees to DONATE to TNF instead of giving gifts, or they themselves could donate on the day of their event. These funds would be used to provide for stationery in schools supported by TNF’s ABC Project.

More about this project is here –>

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.